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Area Information for Boulder City and Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, a desert metropolis built on gambling, vice and other forms of entertainment. In as little as a century, the existence of Las Vegas has drawn millions of visitors and trillions of dollars in wealth to southern Nevada. The city, founded by ranchers and railroad workers, began as a regular old-western style town, but quickly found that it's casinos and other attributes were going to make it much more than that. Today Las Vegas is a world-renown location, visited by people from all over. Want to see all the things Las Vegas has to offer you? What better way than to live Here!

Boulder City, NV

Boulder City is located in Clark County, Nevada. It is approximately 20 miles SouthEast from the city of Las Vegas, hugging the beautiful Lake Mead National Recreaction Area. The city began as a federal company town, housing thousands of workers who were constructing the Hoover Dam. The sheer scale of the dam and duration of the project required the Bureau of Reclamation to consider the construction of a semi-permanent town rather than a temporary arrangement. Today, Boulder City is a beautiful community, which even ranked 6th in the top 25 places to retire in the United States (Money Magazine, 2009).

Nearby Attractions



Lake Mead National Recreaction Area


Lake Mead offers many types of recreation to locals and visitors. Boating is the most popular. Additional activities include fishing, water skiing, swimming and sunbathing. There are five marinas on the lake. The area also has many coves with rocky cliffs and sandy beaches. There are several small to medium-sized islands in the lake area depending on the water level. In addition, the Alan Bible Visitor Center hosts the Alan Bible Botanical Garden, a small garden of cactus and other plants native to the Mojave Desert.



Las Vegas and Boulder City are home to dozens of beautiful golf courses. Each course has its own quirks and surprising terrain, making it a challenge for players of all skill levels. Many professionals come from all over the world to participate at some of these world renown courses, including the Shadow Creek Golf Course, which was ranked 17th in Golf Magazine's Top 100 courses you must play.